Resthaven and Lakeview Cemeteries

The City of Nevis owns and maintains the Lakeview and Resthaven Cemeteries.  The Nevis Administration Office maintains all records for the cemeteries.  The fee for a cemetery lot is $400.00 for Nevis City residents and $600.00 for non-residents.  There is also an additional $200 fee charged for April-September interments ($50.00/sexton fee and $150.00/grave marking & maintenance, etc.) and a $400.00 fee charged for October-March interments ($50.00/sexton fee and $350.00/grave marking). 

For more information, please contact the Nevis City Administration Office at (218) 652-3866.


Lots are no longer being sold in the Lakeview Cemetery, located along Co. Hwy. 18.

Resthaven Cemetery is located at the west end of Main Street and West Ave. 

To sell or purchase a burial plot, please contact the Nevis Administration Office at: 218-652-3866