Dog and Cat License

All dogs and cats over four months of age in the city must be licensed according to city ordinances.  Dog and cat licenses may be obtained at the Nevis Administration Office Monday through Friday.  You will be required to provide a "Certificate of Vaccination" indicating that your dog and/or cat has been inoculated against rabies and distemper.  License fees are $5.00 per pet.  Upon payment of the license fee, the pet owner will receive a numbered metal tag.  All licensed dogs and cats must wear a collar on which to attach their license tag.  If your dog and/or cat strays and is found by others, this numbered tag may help get your pet back to you.  All dog and cat licenses expire on December 31th of each year.  City ordinances limit the number of dogs per household to two.

If you have any questions, please contact the Nevis Administration Office at: 218-652-3866.